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In 2016, after more than 60 years, the Milby Clinic closed.  The practice of medicine had truly changed during the lives of three generations of Giessels that provided medical care to employers and workers in Houston. 


Since 2016, Dr. Gail Blakley has been working part time at Occucare International, in the same building on the Katy Freeway. She has now fully retired.


Other providers at Occucare still treat work-related injuries and illnesses. The providers are in numerous Texas Workers Compensation networks. Call the clinic directly at 713-802-0801 if you have questions about workers compensation treatment, specific networks or other services. Occucare provides a complete range of other occupational medicine services including drug and alcohol testing, travel vaccinations, and onsite physicals. Additional information can be obtained at www.OccucareInternational.com 



Gail Blakley, M.D.